November 7 2015 WODs  

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DT (USAF)/Randy (LAPD) time cap is 10 mins

5 rounds with one bar 155/105 (95/65 mod)

  • 12 Deadlift 

  • 9 hang power cleans

  • 6 push press

  • Then

  • 75 reps of snathches 75/45 (65/35 mod)


One member will complete a whole set. Any member can go in any order. For example, athlete 1 will do 12 deadlifts and athlete 2 will do 9 power cleans. Now is when team strategy comes in, do you have athlete 3 do the 6 push-ups or does athlete 1 come back? The same format is for each remaining movement. You decide the order of which athlete will perform which movements and in which round.

When DT is completely finished THEN

Athletes will change their own weights on the bar and perform the 75 snatches in any athlete order they see fit. Each athlete must perform a minimum of 5 snatches.

Blake (Navy) time cap is 18 mins

4 rounds

  • 40 standing lunges 45/35 (25/15 mod)

  • 30 box jumps 24/20 (20/step ups mod)

  • 20 wall balls 20/14 (16/12 mod)

  • 10 handstand push-ups, Rx or one abmat (regular push-ups, knees must be off the floor, even an inch)


Every athlete will complete one round as is. Athlete 1 will start and athlete 2 will begin when athlete 1 finishes the box jumps, athlete 3 begins when athlete 2 finishes the box jumps, and athlete 4 begins when athlete 3 finishes the box jumps. Time will be counted when the 4th athlete finishes. No lapping your team member.

Coe (Army) time cap is 12 mins

10 rounds

  • 10 thrusters 95/65 (75/45 mod)

  • 10 ring push-ups (regular push-ups mod)

  • and a mix of

  • Ship (Canadian Forces)/Nick (Army) 

  • 10 rds

  • 10 DB hang squat cleans 45/25 (35/15)

  • 8 burpee box jumps 24/20 (step overs for mod)


Two athletes will be partners working on the Coe part in any way they want. For example, if they want to split the 10 thrusters and ring push-ups for 5 each, that’s fine, but if they want one athlete to do all thrusters and one all ring push-ups, that’s fine too. WOD must be completed in order 10 thrusters 10 ring push-ups. In the meantime, the other two athletes on the team will be doing the same break down of the combined hero WOD of Ship and Nick. When both teams complete round five, they will switch WODs but keep the same partner and continue to complete the WOD, again in any athlete order as long as they maintain the WOD order.


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