October 5, 2019 Workouts

Workout 1



4 DB power snatch 45/30 (35/25)

6 pull ups

8 DB front squats 45/30 one in each hand

10 m farmer walks 45/30

This will run in a relay like set up.  Each athlete will complete a whole round before switching out, while a second athlete will be hanging from a bar. When they’re done, they will come back and tag out and tag in the next athletes.


Workout 2

5 rounds  10 minute cap


10 deadlifts 135/95 (95/65)

10 back squats

10 bench press

Athletes will work in order completing one movement at time.  Meaning athlete 1 will do the 10 deadlifts.  Athlete 2 will do the 10 back squats.  Athlete 3 will do the 10 bench press.  Athlete 4 will do the 10 deadlifts.  Back to athlete 1 will do the 10 back squats.  Athlete 2 will do the 10 bench press and so on.  The bar will be on the ground for the athlete to move to the bench and then move it back once those reps are completed.  The back squats will be from the ground, must be cleaned and placed on the athletes’ back by popping over the athletes’ head.



Workout 3

Two 6 minute caps (12 minute workout in total with a 30 sec break in between for transition) Two scores.

Rx Teams will START with couplet 2 and modified teams will START on couplet 1 then switch



Cal row

Thrusters 95/65 (75/45)

Two athletes will complete this. They can switch out however they want and at any rep, does not have to complete the rep count in order to switch out.



Cal bike

DB thrusters 45/30 (35/25)

The next athletes will complete this also switching out with each other as they see fit.  


*If there are fewer than 4 athletes to a team, someone will need to go perform both couplets.

*Rx teams will begin on the bike for the first couplet and modified teams will begin on the row.  Which machine the Fun teams start on will be determined the night before, based on the number of teams per division. 



Workout 4

3 rounds  8 minute cap


8 pistols (butt hits the 20” box)

8  knees to elbow (knee raises)

8 pistols

8  handstand push ups (push ups) 

8 pistols

8  toes to bar (knee raises with a kick)

8 pistols

8  ring dips (use green band)


In relay fashion all four athletes are behind a line. One athlete will do the pistols for each set; however, two athletes are required to synchronize (the best they can) the knees to elbow, the handstand pushups, the toes to bar, and the ring dips.  Athletes do not need to go in any order and they can switch out after any set movement, but they cannot tag out on rep number 6 for example.  The movement must be completed before being tagged out. 

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