Nov. 5, 2016 Workouts

WOD  1 – max time is 17:00 mins

250 row

10 front squats (Rx 135, 95/Mod 95,65)

15 sit ups (Rx GHD/Mod abmat)

20 box jump overs (Rx 24,20/Mod step overs 24,20)

Rules-each athlete will complete one round.  The next athlete cannot begin until the previous athlete is done.


WOD 2 – max time is 10:00 mins


25 burpees jump over bar

25 overhead squats

25 pull ups

25 hand release

Rules-two athletes will work out simultaneously.  It’s a one time through. Once the first pair is done, they go tag in the next two athletes who will complete the chipper until done or time is called.


WOD 3 – 15 AMRAP

100 power cleans 135/95

100 toes to bar

100 deadlifts 135/95

Rules-tag out system.  All athletes will be behind the line and one athlete will work out at a time. Then come back and tag out at any time for the next athlete to come out and work.

@CrossFit Fontana